Limitation on Aircraft Ages in Turkish Aviation Industry

ppaThe secondary legislation in Turkish aviation industry, Regulation on Commercial Air Transportation (SHY-6A) has been changed recently and published on the Official Gazette dated 16 November 2013

Together with the effectiveness of the new Regulation, it is obviously seen that Turkish Civil Aviation Authority tends to renew the aircrafts at fleets and intolerant to be grounded for any reason. The new regulation has raised concerns of the operator in several perspectives including but not limited to fleet age limitations.

In our article you will find more about the limitations on aircraft age to be implemented by the Turkish Civil Aviation and be able follow the concerns of the industry in this respect.

Accordingly, as of 16 November 2013 Turkish Civil Aviation will not allow to the operations of passenger transportation purpose aircrafts older than 15 years old starting to count from the first registration date to Turkish Civil Aircraft Registry. This applies as maximum 25 years old in aircraft cargo. The limitation is not applicable to fire extinguishing aircrafts and to the aircrafts registered to Turkish Civil Aircraft Registry.

This was declared in many times by Turkish Civil Aviation Authority’s representatives in recent years

Law, Life, and Society: Thai Businesses with Foreign Owners

pppaThere are restrictions to Non-Thais from opening most types of businesses.

This past week I met with a representative from a European company that sold vitamin products. The company has established branch offices in multiple countries. They were interested in opening a small office in Thailand. Thailand is an attractive place for retail stores. There is a large upper middle income population with disposable income and an established consumer culture.

However, establishing a business in Thailand is not a simple matter. There are many restrictions on foreigners operating in Thailand. The Foreign Business Act restricts foreign owned companies from most professional occupations and business services. In addition, foreign owned businesses are generally not allowed to own land.

For non-Thais who want to do business in Thailand, there are a few options. Some foreign companies form a partnership with Thai nationals to form a Thai company. A Thai company requires that a Thai national or company owns 51% of the shares of the company. This means that foreigners can only own up to 49% of a Thai company.

In Thailand, the most popular form of company is a private limited company. In a private limited

Are Online Degrees Really Valid and Legal?

paraWhenever jobs become scarce, one of the first industries to see a boost is higher education. In order to compete, many job seekers return to college (or go for the first time) to get a degree in a particular career field in order to better be able to compete for jobs. Unfortunately, there are a few unscrupulous institutions that take advantage of those in this position, selling replica degrees from actual universities or offering degree programs despite lacking any accreditation.

The result is that one may, either knowingly or not, list on their resume a degree that is either completely fraudulent or not generally recognized as valid by organizations that maintain minimum educational standards for institutions of higher learning. This can be an initial boost to one’s resume and might even help the candidate land a job, but maintaining the position may be another matter. When it becomes apparent that the individual lacks the expected knowledge and abilities of one who holds such a degree, it could lead to loss of work, civil liability for fraud or misrepresentation, or even criminal charges.

The individual may be just as much a victim. Some

San Antonio Personal Injury Attorneys Explained

The need of hiring San Antonio personal injury attorneys arises when somebody is injured either expressively or physically die to somebody recklessness and neglect. These legal professionals will signify your case in the courtroom on your behalf and make certain that you get ransom for the injuries you have encountered. They handle all types of cases related to personal injuries. The cases related to physical injuries that are encountered by any individual due to recklessness or wrongdoing by any governmental agency, company, person or entity are handled by these professionals. The personal injury attorneys in San Antonio typically deal with what is called as Trot Law. So, cases related to Trot Law are handled by the VB Law personal injury attorneys San Antonio. Besides, they also handle cases that are related to workplace injuries, medical mistakes, consumer cases related to defective goods, automobile accidents, slip and trip accidents and road accidents. Though they mainly focus on these types of cases, but they are trained and licensed to handle all types of legal cases related to fields of law.

Values Of The Personal Injury Lawyers

The responsibilities of the

Consult the Divorce lawyers in San Antonio for solving the family issues

Marriages are made in heaven however in the world lots of problems could happen. When the diversities between couples emerge as irrevocable they are will decide to move in for a divorce or a mutual separation. When a once – completely satisfied marriage ends in a divorce it an emotionally trying time for now not most effective the couple but in addition for each the households worried. The situation will get additional aggravated if kids are also concerned within the divorce complaints. Major details have got to be sorted out among the many couple who are not within the frame of mind to maintain sensitive disorders. In such a circumstance it best for the hiring the Divorce lawyers in San Antonio they are better guidance for getting the divorce and they will handle all types of family cases.

Look for the best lawyers in San Antonio:

The Divorce lawyers in San Antonio have the best track record that is they have handled lots of cases and they win. The lawyer is also good equipped to deal with each the technical and authorized problems

What Are The Benefits Of Applying For Debt Consolidation Loans

Most of us have excellent debt clearing score, which is also known as credit score. This will surely come in handy when you are looking for applying for any loans in the future.

Some people find it difficult to clear their loans in time, and hence end up having bad credit scores. In order to help such people, financial companies have come up with the idea of consolidation loans.

What exactly is this Consolidation Loan?

Consolidation loan is actually a way that helps you clear almost all your debts. Once some of your debts are paid off, the remaining loan in your name will be combined into one single bill. With the reduction of maximum percentage of amount, your rate of interest will automatically be reduced and a new rate of interest will be assigned for you, to clear off the remaining amount.

Since the main aim here is to make sure that you have clear idea about overall amount that you owe. The consolidation loan type will help you in staying updated about the changes in the digits in the final amount that you owe, now.

Benefits of Consolidation Loans

There are multiple benefits in applying for debt consolidation loans. Some are listed below.

  • Credit

Co-Signing on a Bail Bond? Few Facts You Should Know Before Signing

If your friend, neighbor or a family member is in trouble and is booked for a crime and is in jail they might ask you for help. Before you consider being the cosigner on a bail bond there are many things that you should understand and consider.

Being a cosigner involves a huge responsibility and many other duties. It is important that you understand the concept and the rules involved before you sign up for this. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important aspects of bail bonds and responsibilities of a co signer.

What is a bail bond?

Bail bond is basically a promissory note paid with a particular amount stating that the defendant will show up to the court at the date of hearing. Bail bond money is fixed by the judge and is different for every crime and background of the defendant. If you opt for a bail bond you will be released from jail custody and will be allowed to go home.

In many cases the amount fixed as the bail amount is very high and the defendant might not be able to make the payment by self. This is where the bail bondsmen come into picture.

Top tips for applications

By the time you reach the stage of applying for period of recognised training you should have carried out extensive research and know where you want to work. When submitting applications for a training position bear in mind that many firms look to fill their places two years in advance. Keep copies of all the applications you submit.

Your CV

Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) should be two to three pages in length at most and contain all the information that a potential employee needs:

  • It should be easy to read in a clear font size on good quality paper
  • Personal details – placed on the first page so that a potential employer can contact you with ease
  • Education and experience – arranged clearly with the most recent first
  • Key skills – ensure you highlight the key skills you have that are relevant to the role
  • Career history – give details of your role, status and achievements
  • List professional memberships and qualifications
  • Put information that is relevant and demonstrates your suitability for the role near the beginning
  • It is not necessary to include referees on your CV. Should you choose to include referees ensure any you include are happy to provide a reference
  • First impressions are important – check for spelling and

Divorce Attorneys in Ohio

Facing process of divorce can be somehow difficult for many people. Sometimes it seems to be cold war between the parties and it can be stressful for both of the parties. That’s why we need someone such lawyer or attorney to help us dealing with the situation. If you are living around Ohio, Lardiere McNair, LCC can be a great place to go if you need any assistance. Lardiere offers Hilliard divorce lawyer that will work personally with you to provide legal knowledge, information and support so that you can understand the process of divorce in Ohio.

Lardiere McNair will assist you through every single aspect of your divorce. Either it is about determining how to divide your martial property or how to allocate parental rights; its attorney teams will help you through it. It can be a long process until you can legally divorce and end up your marriage, but with the support of the experienced and professional lawyer, you may not get too stressful to face it as you are alone. The team you hired will inform you all the outcomes, negotiations and decisions of the ongoing process so that you can create

Formation of Special Courts in Rape Cases for Speedy Trial

Justice delayed is justice denied is the corner stone in delivering justice, speedy trial is the essence of the criminal justice. If legal redress is available for a party that has suffered some injury, but is not forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no redress at all. Rape is a heinous crime which gives pain and suffering to the victim both physically and mentally. It is a violative of Article 21 of the constitution, Article 21 of the constitution guarantees “ Right to life and Personal liberty” to all which includes right to live with human dignity. Rape destroys the soul of the victim, women are already victims of rape and they are again victimized during long trial process in the court.

Rape trial run in a mockery and even after prolonged trial of rape there is an acquittal of an accused for some reasons or the other. The long rape trial and humiliating questions asked by the defense counsel destroys her completely both in the court and in the society as the stigma attached ruins her whole life. Why every time a girl has to prove that she has been raped and why the

Efficacy and Validity in International Law

Compliance and its relation to validity is one of the central points in the discussions related to the international law. H Kelsen stated that ‘the efficacy of law constitutes a condition of the validity of law’[1], where efficacy refers to ‘whether law is actually observed’[2] and ‘validity whether law must be observed’[3].

Although the fact that some states comply with international laws and regulations, whereas others are in compliance with international law in selected instances only undermines the foundation of international law, it does not, however, make it lose its validity.

Efficacy and Validity of International Law: Why Kelsen’s view is outdated

As the world is becoming more interconnected and technologically advanced, nations cannot regulate interactivity through ‘universal morality’[4], specific moral and ethical rules, religious norms, they rather resort to the need for ‘common language’[5] and ‘common ground’[6] to regulate their relations, and this is international law. ‘As the inter

dependence of between nations increases, the significance of treaties to support and facilitate this interdependence increases. Without treaties that bind nations, no international trade, finance,Efficacy and Validity in International Law transportation and information activities are possible today’[7]. Therefore, the nations have reached a particular consensus on the international

Cyber Investigation – How Prepared are the Indian Police?

India has emerged as a favorite hub for cybercriminals, mostly hackers and other malicious users who use the Internet for committing crimes. As per a study conducted by Assocham-Mahindra SSG, total number of cyber-crimes registered during 2011-14 stood from 13,301 and 1, 49,254 respectively and rising at an alarming rate. In 2015, the number of cyber-crimes in the country may double up to 3 lakhs and could pose serious economic and national security challenges.

Emerging trends of cyber-crimes include hacking, identity theft, spamming, phishing and cyber stalking. With these emerging trends in crime, it is high time for the Indian police to revamp and reform investigating methodology for a successful prosecution of such cyber case. The Indian system of policing and criminal investigation is still stuck in the old ways of information gathering and beating out a confession from the suspects. The police force are completely untrained on modern methods of criminal investigation, which requires skills for managing and operating highly sophisticated technologies.

Several potholes exists within the system due to which a gap continues between reporti

ng of crime, arresting a criminal and finally ensuring successful prosecution of the accused in Cyber Cases. Jurisdiction remains highly debated issue till date as

Licensing Requirements of Dubai Lawyers

Dubai government has required lawyers to be licensed by it in order to lawfully provide legal services. There are strict standards that a lawyer must meet in order to be licensed by the Dubai government.

Background Information

Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates. This geographic region derives its civil law system mostly from the influence of French, Roman, Islamic and Egyptian law. This system is much different than that of the United States, which uses legal precedents to bind lower courts. In the United Arab Emirates, common law principles are usually not recognized.

Legal System Structure

The United Arab Emirates is comprised of two dual court systems: civil courts and Sharia courts. These courts cover very different aspects of the law. Each Emirate has a separate federal court. Lawyers in Dubai primarily focus on construction contracts and disputes, energy, commercial properties, finance and dispute resolution.

Dubai lawyers can work in a number of legal forms. They may work as solo practitioners, in partnerships or as part of a civil company.


A lawyer in Dubia is classified as either an advocate or a legal consultant. The Federal Law on the Regulation of the Profession requires that advocates cannot practice unless he is registered on

Avoid these Mistakes when Reporting a Work-Related Injury

If you were hurt in a workplace accident or have recently been diagnosed with an occupational illness or injury, the actions you take during the first few days will set the tone for the rest of your claim.

This can make or break your chances of recovering the compensation you need to provide for yourself and your family, so it is important to use this time wisely. Below are some of the more common mistakes you should avoid when reporting a work-related injury or illness.

Keeping it a Secret

Many people feel reluctant to report a work-related injury to their supervisor. They may be embarrassed or worry that they will lose their job. They may think that the injury is not that serious and that they can work through the pain. However, failing to report the incident immediately can come back to haunt you later on if your injury does not improve on its own. Furthermore, Maryland Workers’ Compensation law has strict time limitations for reporting work-related injuries and filing a claim. The sooner you take this first step, the better your chances of getting benefits will be.

Not Getting Prompt Medical Attention

It is important to see a doctor as soon as possible

What a Child Won’t Tell: Recognizing the Signs of Sex Abuse in Children

Each year, U.S. police departments receive as many as 80,000 reports of sexual abuse against children. However, the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry reports that this number is an underestimate. Many children who are abused are afraid to tell anyone what has happened.
Ninety percent of sexually abused children know their abuser. The abuser is a family member, friend, neighbor, child care provider, clergyman or teacher. The abusers are trusted adults. The child is taught to respect their authority. An abused child may feel that he will not be believed if he reports the abuse. He may feel that the abuse is his fault. Or, he may feel ashamed or afraid. Abusers often threaten to hurt the child or the child’s family if he talks about the abuse.

Sexual assault is more than a physical act. Sexual abuse can cause long-term emotional and psychological damage. Victims of prolonged sexual abuse often develop low self-esteem and an abnormal view of sex. Some c

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hildren who are sexually abused find it difficult to relate to others in a non-sexual manner. Some sexually abused children become child abusers or prostitutes. If a child is being sexually

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Introduction: When People You Have a Right to Trust Cheat You

Ours is a world of contractual relationships, written and oral. We hire people to help us, and we hire people to act on our behalf. We enter into business associations, like becoming partners and shareholders of partnerships and corporations.
We hire real estate agents and brokers to buy and sell our homes or other real estate. We hire accountants to help us organize our business or personal finances. We hire gardeners and housekeepers to keep our gardens and clean our houses. We hire hair stylists to cut and style our hair. We hire business lawyers to represent us in lawsuits and negotiations, and to give us advice.

While there are a countless myriad of contractual relationships, only some of them are considered to be “fiduciary relationships”, i.e. which include a “fiduciary duty” of loyalty and honesty that goes beyond the specific contract. What happens when a fiduciary does not fulfill their obligation to you, when there has been a breach of fiduciary duty?

A Greedy Partner

A general partnership is a good example of a “fiduciary relationship”. Let’s say Joe X and Tom Z are 50/50 partners in “CARZZRUS” a used car dealership,

In Criminal Defense, Is DNA Evidence Really a Smoking Gun?

Is DNA really the smoking gun that the media and police make it out to be? It certainly isn’t in light of some of the recent cases of DNA pointing the finger at the wrong person. The so called “gold standard” in forensic evidence isn’t as golden as we are led to believe. A smart criminal defense lawyer knows this and will use this to help his client.
How DNA Evidence Is Failing

There are several ways in which DNA evidence is failing to live up to its promise. DNA transference, DNA fabrication, and DNA testing errors can lead to inaccurate conclusions about DNA evidence and can result in the wrong person being charged with a violent crime.

No one likes violent crime and its effects on society are horrendous. This is why it’s so important to hire a Phoenix criminal defense attorney to make sure that you are not wrongfully accused of a crime.

Transference DNA problems have long been an issue. In 2013, Lukis Anderson of San Jose, California spent 5 months in jail when the DNA of murdered millionaire, Raveesh Kumra, was

discovered under his fingers. Sounds like an open and shut case. Unfortunately for Mr. Anderson it was 5 stolen

Are Sexual Harassment Investigations Confidential?

An all too common occurrence in the modern workplace is the sexual harassment. This can take many forms, like unwelcome sexual or romantic advances, sexual blackmail, offensive touching, discussions of intimate activities that make others uncomfortable, etc. While there are a number of laws to protect those who complain of such activities, what of those who are accused, particularly if the sexual harassment claim is determined to be unfounded or used as a means of embarrassment or retaliation?

Unfortunately, many may be surprised to find that there are not laws protecting the accused in these situations. It is common for many to believe that because our criminal system follows the policy of “innocent until proven guilty” this is not always the case in every transaction. Indeed, in most settings, such as those set up by businesses to self-police against sexual harassment, there is no such guarantee and one is often “guilty until proven innocent.” A mere accusation of sexual harassment or other impropriety can often lead to one’s termination without any further review.

Of course, one who is let go after an accusation of sexual harassment may have a claim for defamation against his or her accuser. Through claims for slander

Corporate Criminal Liability for Corruption Offences in Greece

The fight against corruption worldwide is of great importance as it seems from the increasing number of international convention available, the actions taken on behalf of international organizations and finally from the fact, that the national lawmakers as well as the law enforcement agencies put the corruption issues on the top of priorities. One of the main issues arising in this context is the criminal liability of companies, because the global anti-corruption policy address the issue of corruption as a structural problem of society, where every actor play a significant role in the chain of corrupt events and transaction. In this chain, the corporate actions claim a great deal of responsi

bility especially concerning the public procurement and infrastructure projects. As a result, a great deal of attention is given to the punishment of corporate action.

Corporate criminal liability is well-recognized in Common law tradition, but also in several legal systems of Civil law tradition, such as France and Spain. Notwithstanding criminal liability in Greece refers primarily to the individual consistent with the principle “societas delinquere non potest”. According to this principle legal entities cannot be held criminally liable. Moreover, the Greek Law is governed by two fundamental principles. On one hand

Drug Convictions Disqualify Student Financial Aid Applicants

People with a one drug possession conviction lose Student Financial Aid eligibility for one year from conviction date. People with two drug possession convictions or one drug sales/delivery conviction lose eligibility for two years. Those with three drug possession convictions or two drug sales convictions are ineligible indefinitely.

The U.S. Higher Education Act (HEA) denies loans, grants, even work study jobs to thousands of would-be students every year who have drug convictions. In 2006 the law was scaled back to be limited to offenses committed while a student is enrolled in college and receiving federal Title IV aid.

Even though you may be ineligible for federal student aid now, you could qualify within a year or two. If your case is dismissed after completing a deferred sentence under MCL 333.7411, you could be eligible sooner.
Students with a one possession conviction lose eligibility for one year from conviction date. Students with two possession convictions or one sales conviction lose eligibility for two years. Those with three possession convictions or two sales convictions are ineligible indefinitely.

The Federal Financial Form (FAFSA) requires disclosure of convictions for possessing or selling illegal drugs – not alcohol – for an offense that occurred while the student